Contracted IT is the successor to ageye.net, and isc101.com, giving it over three decades of longevity in development, support, and operation of websites in all areas of Internet commerce.  Our principals are unchanged from the beginning. Our business objectives have expanded, as has the world of IT technology. This website represents the sum total of our experience over more than thirty years, in every case, assisting and supporting clients in their pursuit of success on the Internet.

We are always pleased to be in at the beginning, engaged to create a new website for a new client. We are likewise pleased to be engaged in complex and often highly complicated tasks, modifying, customizing, and enhancing online sites by deploying unique improvements, providing a competitive advantage above that of their peers.

Browse our Home page. Click on the icons below the main images. You will then have a good idea of the extent of our skill and experience. We go well beyond the norm in utilizing every last bit of extra effort to build uniqueness for our clients on the web.

Over the years we have worked with many outside resources, complementing our staff with special skills in complex programming code. With arrival of the covid-19 pandemic, we have become a group if IT technologists, all of whom are now remote staff. We have evolved into a virtual group. Our office is the work location of the principal assigned as Project Manager for the group.

We have adjusted to the unique requirements of being a virtual group; an evolutionary process, and one that we now enjoy.  We provide a group identity to full, part time, and contracted staff. We adapt to client needs with a broader set of skills. We better control costs, thereby lowering costs to clients, since we bill without adding for the overhead of a fixed location.

Want more information? Want to know if something you would like to do online is possible? Give us a call: 619 636-6767, or email us using our contact form. You won’t be sorry you did!