For clients not wanting to handle every website maintenance detail, we provide website management; as much or as little as you need or want. Our services are tailored to you, (We don’t offer ‘standard’ packages, as one size fits all.). Our pricing is very affordable. Our experience is very deep. Our services are guaranteed, or you don’t pay.

Some time ago, we moved all websites that we host, manage, or for which we do marketing, to the AWS Cloud or to the Google Cloud Platform. Each installation was set up as a dedicated virtual private cloud, specific and exclusive to each client. Since then both platforms have provided bulletproof hosting services. No more downtime. No more adapting to cpanel, bitnami, or anything else. We love it, and our clients love it.

As we have continued to manage our clients on Internet clouds, we have become completely convinced of the value in saved time, better security, and the performance increases typical of cloud hosting.

If you have questions, doubts, or simply want more information about AWS or GCP hosting, you are invited to pose questions to us, using our contact form. Please let us know if you want our reply to be private, or if you are OK if we post it to our blog.

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