We have worked with CMS installations since 1996. We install, migrate, optimize, support and maintain content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (and more). We are experienced developers, managers, and users of shopping carts having their own, built-in content management systems. (These are commonly used for a blog, FAQ, user training, and other purposes).

With over twenty years in the industry, we are agnostic as to application types, structure, and database engines. If your application code is open-source and we can see your database, we have probably worked with it. We have customized content management systems for many purposes, (some to a surprising extent), including standalone cms’, or integrated cms elements in a larger application.

If you have questions, doubts, or simply want more information about content management systems, you are invited to pose questions to us using our contact form. Please let us know if you want our reply to be private, or if you are OK if we post it to our blog.

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