Employment Opportunities with Contracted IT

As we are a virtual group, we contract for all services, and have no jobs, per se. All members of our group work remotely, and our address is that of the Project Manager currently accepting the position of time keeper, customer relations and technical support contact, and coordinator for all projects.

All of that said, we are very interested in contacts from experienced consultants with an interest in becoming a member of Contracted IT. We welcome contacts seeking information on how our group is formed, how the virtual group works, and what opportunities exist for group members and partners in our venture.

We are in a work environment rich with demand for IT technologists, consultants, and support personal working remotely. We are highly interested in talking with persons considering IT as a possible career choice, and are investigating remote work opportunities. We offer mentoring, and coaching, and are very much willing to work with newcomers to IT to develop or enhance skills in our field.

If you are interested in talking with us, we are interested in talking with you. Give us a call at 619 636-6767, or contact us using our contact form.