Professional Project Management

We are available as contracted project managers.
Our experience spans decades, managing large,
diverse, and complex projects, online and off.

Call Us for Experienced, Expert Project Management
at Any Level of Digital Solutions Implementation.

An IT system integration involving digital resources, whether complete or involving partial replacements, is not a simple task, especially when done cross-platform. We bring enterprise experience to small and mid-size business clients. We enable smooth processing of complex projects, through application of sound project management with experienced oversight. We help bridge the talents of a COO and a CIO, to make sure the synergism works well.

Even before the Y2K mass migration of accounting systems to digital applications, our principals were deeply involved in project management in the IT and digital world, managing projects large scale and small. Our experience includes major accounting systems integration for large and small applications, point of sale system integration with website operations, channel feeds with deep data mining for precision control, and oversight to assist multiple technology partners in working well together.

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