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Building an impressive Internet presence does not have to bust your budget. With the right guidance, you can do most of it, and perhaps all of it by yourself. There are no secrets on the Internet. The code, the tags, the content management, and even the keywords and sources of paid and natural traffic to websites are exposed, if you know how to find it. On top of that, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing are hugely popular search terms on Google and other search engines. You won’t lack for in-depth information if you decide to become your own SEO or SEM consultant.

Building a campaign for effective SEO or SEM is a process. With deep experience and a deep knowledge of what works in the current Internet environment, the process can be defined as a project with a work breakdown structure. It can be implemented with priorities that make use of “low hanging fruit” first, to see early results. From there, you can move forward with confidence.

To our first point above, with time, dedication, discipline, and even a limited budget, you can prevail in SEO and SEM on your own.

Do you have the time? Should you do-it-yourself? Do you just want more information? Are you in the middle of a campaign, and it’s not working as you expected it to?

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