Ongoing Website Maintenance

We'll keep your website running smoothly.
We'll keep it, and the server, updated and secure.
Our clients expect no less than stable, secure, website and server performance.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Website Maintenance Services
We’ll do it, so you don’t have to!

The old saying “out of site, out of mind”, is dangerous when applied to website maintenance. Few things turn off a prospective client or customer as quickly as sensing a lack of serious interest in customer service.

A website with broken links, unreachable pages in the navigation, or warning messages from the server, is certain to drive off new visitors. The operators of an un-monitored or unmaintained website risk losing leads and new business. Worse yet, they will never know they had it! A similar problem occurs when a website is out of date, or displays clearly old content. An unmaintained copyright notice referring to years past, for instance, signals a disinterest in messaging to website visitors.

We do not offer packages for website maintenance. We recognize that each client has different requirements for presenting their best business face to website visitor traffic. Some websites need little more than monitoring. Some websites need near-constant updates and refreshed content. We structure website maintenance to your needs. Our charges reflect that. They are tailored to the work involved, and we never charge for work not ordered.

Give us a call, or send us an email using the contact form on our website. It costs nothing to ask questions, or to discuss website care and maintenance. References upon request. (619) 636-6767.